How it works

In a nutshell - you shop online (anything from a month’s holiday, to a pair of socks to your car insurance) and the charity you are supporting makes money – it really is that simple. You can choose from over 1500 on our site and you will see next to each retailer the possible percentage that your charity can make from your purchase. This can be anywhere between 1% and 35% of your purchase price which will add up quickly. You will be able to see how much you are raising for your charity in “Your Account” area.

As a reward for sending people to their website through Shopping+giving, retailers pay us commission once a purchase has been made. We give a percentage of that commission to your chosen charity; the remainder we keep in order to reinvest in Shopping+giving to keep it running. There is no sign-up fee for either you or your charity.

Step 1 : Sign up

Signing up is very straight forward. You will have reached here from your chosen charities website so we already know which charity you are supporting. Input your personal details as prompted and you are all set to shop and give. There is no charge for either you or your charity for signing up.

Step 2 : Shop online

Choose from over 1500 retailers on Shopping+giving. You can find them by going to the relevant category or if you know which one you’re looking for, type their name in the search box. You will be directed to your chosen retailer after clicking on them. You will arrive seamlessly at their site. Just carry on shopping with your chosen retailer as you normally would.

Step 3 : Raise money

As a reward for directing you to their site through Shopping+giving, the retailer pays us an amount of commission – we pass 50% of that on to your chosen charity.

Frequently asked questions

Does it really cost nothing to donate?

Yes, it really does cost nothing to donate.

Where does the donation come from?
The retailers pay us a commission as payment for directing people to their site. We then pass on a percentage of that commission to the charity.
Sounds too good to be true, where's the catch?
There really isn't one!
How does Shopping+giving make money?
We take a percentage of the commission that the retailer gives to us to enable Shopping+giving to continue operating.
How do you know which charity to pay the donation to?
Shopping+giving is unique in that you will be directed from the charity website so we know exactly which charity you will be supporting without any further input from you.